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Should you sell DRUGS from your Salon & Spa? The Truth about CBD Products

Episode Summary

Should you sell DRUGS from your Salon & Spa? Join us on today’s episode of the Evo Revo Show where hosts Jason Everett and Doug Campbell talks about the truth behind CBD products and bringing CBD products into your salon for the right reasons with their guest Jordan Person.

Episode Notes


02:48 - Benefits of using CBD
08:45 - Misconception about CBD
09:30 - CBD Massage
11:24 - Bringing CBD in the salon for the right reason
13:49 - Legal things you need to do in order to bring CBD into your salon
20:23 - Processing payment and  the use of terminology for CBD


“I left everything because I was, and it was like, I either wanted to die with access to a plant that made me feel somewhat human” (Jordan Person) (03:40)
“I think people need to bring it in for the right reasons” Doug Campbell) (11:24)
“It's a powerhouse, there is a limitless potential” (Jordan Person) (14:52)
“The more we can educate people on this so that we can get the value of this product out there in the market, I think the better” (Doug Campbell) (24:01)
“I imagine next five or 10 years, it's going to be more and more mainstream as we look into it” (Jason Everett) (24:22)
“Whether, CBD is something you want to explore now or you want to in the future. I think education is the key” (Jason Everett) (24:32)

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